The Made-to-Measure Process

Taliare leads the way in innovative tailoring, harnessing the latest technology to bring bespoke quality and finish to made-to-measure suits. We bring the famous Savile Row cut to made-to-measure customers, offering unrivalled quality and value.

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    A Taliare made-to-measure garment is something very special. During your consultation, we will get to know you and your lifestyle, and your characteristics will be reflected in every aspect of the cut, fabric, lining and styling. We will guide you through the process, helping you choose what suits your needs exactly.

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    Measuring and patterns

    We will take your measurements, and study elements of your body shape and posture. From this, he creates your pattern, designed to fit, flatter and give extraordinary comfort.

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    Select your fabric

    Your choice of cloth will be decided by your needs, whether you desire a formal business suit or something for fun and relaxation. Our fabrics come from the very best European mills, in many weights, weaves and colours, and we will help you select the perfect cloth from our wide range.

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    The Cut

    Your individual pattern is cut with the very latest technology by advanced computers. Where once made-to-measure suits were cut in bulk, yours will be cut to your individual measurements and posture. This wonderful innovation means you can enjoy the superior finish of Savile Row style.

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    Your suit is sewn to the highest standards. You can add bespoke touches, from a full floating canvas to hand-stitched button holes. For the final details, there’s a wide range of buttons – real horn, covered or metal – and a choice of the finest lining materials in a variety of colours and patterns.