We extend our bespoke tailoring service to all areas of casual wear.

You can now enjoy the luxurious feel and perfect fit of Taliare bespoke tailored Jackets, Coats, Chinos, Jumpers and knitwear.


We take time to understand all elements of your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Taliare will guide you through the selection of styles, fabrics, colours, cuts and detailing to deliver an individual touch and perfect fit to your casual wardrobe.

Fabrics, yarns and wools from the finest mills are all available to inform your selection.

Measurement and pattern

Your physique and posture are precisely measured, paying careful attention to the interplay of your garment with other elements of your wardrobe.

Fitting and finishing

Your tailored garment is delivered for a formal fitting. Here final adjustments are made to ensure the finished article is the perfect fit.